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Sample 5:
The Learning Design Process


This instructional unit describes an example of how an ID and LDX professional can follow a unique learning design process that encompasses traits of multiple different models depending on the scope of the project. Review Interactive Module...


This module is intended to offer instructional designers and other eLearning professionals who build learning experiences for several contexts from short interactions and games to complete online courses and training sessions.

Interactive Module



  1. The storyboard was created using Microsoft Word for the content outline and notes for the learning activity.

  2. A prototype was built with PowerPoint where the script was typed under the presenter's notes.

  3. The script was recorded with a Blue Snow Ball microphone connected to my personal computer.

  4. The voiceover (sound) files were edited with the open source software Audacity.

  5.  The learning activity (game or interaction) was developed with Articulate 360 Storyline

  6. And the instructional unit that describes the design and development process for the learning activity was developed using Articulate 360 Rise

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