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Sample 4: Instructional Video


The instructors often record presentations (PowerPoint slides with voiceover) to their online students. However, they often load (overload) the slide with visuals and a lot of text (bulleted lists with long text). This video intends to guide instructors and instructional designers through the modality effect.

Instructional Video

Images was taken from Common Craft image repertoire account.

There is a short music soundtrack excerpt taken from DigMixter.

Screen capture was done using ScreencastO'matic and video editing with Movie Maker.



I had edited other videos before, but I had always used iMovie.

This time, I make the conscious decision to use Movie Maker in order to learn the PC tool.

Movie Maker is very easy to use and not very time-consuming at all.

I also learned how to use ScreencastO'matic, which can be an alternative for Camtasia. Besides, you can use ScreencastO'matic for free (or pay a small annual fee to eliminate their watermark from your project).

Regarding design theories, the fact that I was making an instructional movie on multimedia learning principles and applying them was an excellent experience.

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