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Sample 5: Online Course


This course is intended to offer travelers and others who intend to learn Brazilian Portuguese a basic notion and jumpstart of knowledge about Brazil and its language. The purpose of the course is to quickly get travelers prepared or started on their preparation to visit Brazil.

This course was build in an LMS (free version) with self-enroll.


This storyboard contains a variety of instructional strategies, multimedia, and instructional technology resources for learners of basic Brazilian Portuguese.


The primary audience for BRPT 101 are English speaking teenagers and adults who intend to travel to Brazil in the future either as on vacation or on business. The secondary audience would all people (teenagers or adults) interest in learning Brazilian Portuguese without a particular goal (maybe as a hobby). Another note about the secondary audience is anyone who may not be a native English speaker but is proficient in English to understand the instructions in this course.

Interactive Module



This instructional piece was developed using Articulate 360 Storyline.  

The equipment used for recording the voiceover was a Blue Snow Ball microphone connected to my personal computer. The software used for recording and editing the sound files was the open source software Audacity.

The storyboard was designed using PowerPoint where the script was typed under the presenter's notes.

This course uses a variety of media such as sound files edited and optimized with Audacity as well as videos edited with Adobe Premiere. 


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